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Experience Teaching and Learning Online...

CREN is pleased to be part of an opportunity for you to expand your skills in teaching and learning online. - in a partnership with Blackboard - provides two courses for faculty and instructional support professionals on online pedagogies, instructional design, and teaching strategies. These training courses teach participants the tools and methods for successful online or Web-enhanced teaching with Blackboard.

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Participants may choose between two tracks of instruction depending on their experience and needs. Two courses are currently offered:

Introduction to Teaching with Blackboard
Recommended for instructors who are new to Blackboard and online teaching.
Teaching Online with Blackboard
Designed for instructors who have had some prior Blackboard software training and who have already taught, or who are planning to teach, online or Web-enhanced courses.

Susan Schor Ko, ( holds a doctorate from Yale University and was an instructor in for the California State University system for ten years in interdisciplinary studies, humanities, world literature, and Asian Studies. Dr. Ko has also taught both traditional and adult learners at private institutions such as USC, Occidental, and for the New School's online program. She has successfully adapted her courses to a wide variety of distance learning platforms, including interactive compressed video, traditional correspondence, and online delivery or instruction. She has been teaching online since 1997, including several years with UCLA Extension's Online Teaching Program. She is the co-author of the course textbook, Teaching Online: A Practical Guide, recently published by Houghton Mifflin and is Director of Curriculum and Instructor Development at

Jennifer Lieberman, ( has an MS in Instructional Technologies and is a graduate of UCLA Extension's Online Teaching program, specializing in the design and effective pedagogy of online instruction. She taught English at University of Florence in Italy for 10 years and has also taught at the University of Central Arkansas and UCLA Extension. Previously, she was at the University of Illinois designing and delivering online and face-to-face faculty development workshops for instructors throughout the state on Internet-based instructional technologies and effective course design. She is now the Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instructor Development at

By simulating an online classroom, these courses provide a model for online instruction and explore the pedagogical and practical aspects of teaching online, focusing on the unique challenges facing online instructors. Each course brings together a group of 12-20 professionals like yourself for a four-week, fully online, asynchronous experience requiring about 4-5 hours each week, at times which best fit your schedule. The course is led by experienced online instructors and includes activities such as readings, weekly discussions, virtual guest speakers, a group project and an optional course development project.

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Using the special CREN promotion code ZBCRN provides a savings of $100. With this savings, the course fee is only $395.00. There is one required textbook: Teaching Online: A Practical Guide By Susan Ko and Steve Rossen for $34.95. - Teaching Online with Blackboard