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Blackboard Level 1 Course Manager

Many IT professionals on CREN campuses are struggling to effectively support faculty in their move to teaching and learning online. Faculty and staff alike are anxious to reduce the time and skills needed to get courses and course materials on the Web.

To help campuses accomplish this goal, CREN has an alliance with Blackboard Inc. to make the "Blackboard Level 1 Course Manager" course management system available to CREN members at a discount.

Faculty need not have any knowledge of HTML or other programming languages to use Blackboard Level 1 Course Manager. It allows faculty from any discipline to create "CourseSites" quickly and easily by incorporating a variety of web site applications that include:

  • Multimedia tools for audio and video streaming

  • Communication and Collaboration tools (e-mail, discussion board, and real-time chats)

  • On-line tests and quizzes!

Currently in use by many institutions, including Cornell University, The University of Memphis and Georgetown University, Blackboard Level 1 Course Manager can be of value to your campus.

For more information about the CREN discount on Blackboard Level 1 Course Manager, contact CREN at 202-293-5909 or email