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September 2003

  • Is CREN Closing Its Operations?
  • The CREN Membership has voted to dissolve the corporation effective as soon as appropriate so that reasonable care can be taken to transition services and personnel. More information is in the press announcement available at

  • My institution has a CREN-signed Institutional Certificate? Are the certificates signed by the CREN CA still valid? Will these certificates still work?
  • The certificates that you are issuing from your campus CA are still definitely valid, as is your institutional certificate. The CREN CA certificates have a five-year validity period, and thus are valid until 2006 or 2007, depending on their issue date.

  • My institution has submitted an application for a CREN-signed Institutional Certificate. What is the status of that application?
  • The processing of all applications will be suspended for an undetermined period of time. The higher education middleware community will assess the status and likely development of PKI digital certificates in higher education. Your institution will be advised of the result of that assessment.

  • Will any organization be assuming responsibility for the CREN Certificate Authority Services?
  • Internet2 has agreed to oversee the current operations of the CREN institutional certificate services. The physical components of the signing service will continue to be based at MIT for some time; the registration and validation components of the service were occurring in the CREN offices in Washington, DC.

  • What if the CREN-signed Institutional Certificate for a campus nneeds to be re-issued? Will this service be available?
  • Internet2 will be addressing this type of requests on a case-by-case basis.

  • What if the CREN-signed Institutional Certificate for a campus needs to be revoked? Will certificate revocation be available?
  • Internet2 is committed to maintaining the repository of certificates and the revocation list for the institutional certificates.

  • What about the CREN web site? Will that still be available?
  • The CREN web site will be available during an appropriate transition period.

  • Will any organization be assuming responsibility for the CREN TechTalks?
  • Yes. See the TechTalks transition page

  • CREN is currently hosting the ListProc discussion list. Will this continue?
  • See the ListProc Transition page

  • To whom should additional questions be addressed?
  • For other questions regarding the CREN Certificate Authority services, please email Neal McBurnett at For other questions, email Judith Boettcher at or send them to