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CREN's Internet Resource Access Product


January 30, 1995

The Corporation for Research and Educational Networking (CREN*) is pleased to offer CREN's Internet Resource Access (IRA) product to educational and research organizations. IRA is intended to serve the research and educational community by providing low-cost network access to both BITNET-NJE* and the Internet, with support for a broad range of network services. IRA is made possible by an OEM agreement between CREN* and IBM*.

IRA includes an IBM P/370* VM* co-processor board for installation in a PS/2* running OS/2* (eventually in an RS6000* running AIX*), plus the following IBM software required for VM Internet and NJE communication and resource access:
         	C/370 Library
         	Pascal Run-time Library
IRA includes CREN modifications to certain of the above software to improve its efficiency for network services. Third-party software required for IRA must be licensed directly by the IRA purchaser from the appropriate sources. This software should, for example, include VMNET from Princeton University for sites desiring to use IRA for BITNET-NJE communication over the Internet. It might include LISTSERV from L-Soft. When the RS6000 platform is adequately supported for the P/370 (and/or the anticipated P/390), CREN will offer ListProc as optional list-management software for IRA systems utilizing the RS6000.

IRA is priced as follows:

    	                               	Price to     	Price to
    	Description                    	Members		Non-Members

   	Base price, P/370 only 		 $5,995      	$7,995
   	Price including single-user
   	  license for IBM software       11,995      	14,995
   	Price including 16-user
   	  license for IBM software       16,995      	19,995
   	Extended maintenance, per year    1,000       	 2,000
The base price (P/370 only) shown above for IRA applies only to those institutions which have other licenses for the IBM software in the IRA product, which includes participants in IBM's (USA) Higher Education Software Consortium (HESC). HESC participants may utilize their HESC-licensed IBM software on their IRA systems to support both the single- and multiple-user versions of the IRA product. The single-user and 16-user prices apply to all other IRA purchasers. The prices listed above for Members apply to all CREN member organizations and to education and research organizational members of CREN's international Cooperating Networks, except that the latter will be charged an additional $100 to cover the extra cost of international shipping and handling and of dealing with US export regulations. The non-member prices apply to all education and research organizations which are not members of CREN or its international Cooperating Networks; $100 shipping and handling will be added to these prices for non-USA purchasers.

All prices include board-swap maintenance of the P/370 hardware for the first year, with maintenance available for the next two years through CREN at the extended maintenance prices shown. Maintenance will be provided by replacing the P/370 board; CREN will ship a replacement board immediately by the fastest method reasonably available upon receipt of notice that an IRA board has failed and a commitment to return the failed board to CREN upon receipt of the replacement.

All IRA purchasers must sign a CREN purchase agreement plus an IBM agreement; those which intend to license their IRA software through HESC must also sign a second IBM agreement specific to their use of the HESC software. All agreements must be sent to CREN IRA Project upon their proper execution. CREN will distribute the relevant software electronically to IRA licensees after receipt of the necessary agreements.

Information about IRA, including the required agreements, is available via anonymous ftp from, by gopeher gopher from and on CREN's WWW server, whose URL is . The relevant PostScript files for ftp include /ira/, /ira/, /ira/, /ira/, /ira/ and others (...rtf for RTF versions). With Gopher and WWW clients, click on "IRA". Further information may be obtained by contacting CREN at 1150 18th Street, N.W., Suite 1030 Washington, D.C. 20036, by telephone at 202-293-5909, or by e-mail at

* CREN and BITNET are servicemarks of the Corporation for Research and Educational Networking. IBM, P/370, VM, PS/2, OS/2, RS6000, AIX, NJE, and RSCS are servicemarks or trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation.