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CREN Announces IRA, for

Internet Resource Access

August 17, 1994

The Corporation for Research and Educational Networking (CREN) is pleased to announce the availability of a new CREN developed system facilitating Internet Resource Access (IRA). This new product is made possible by an OEM agreement that CREN has entered into with IBM that will provide CREN with IBM hardware (the Personal/370 (P/370) Adapter/A) and a VM software platform upon which a major part of this new CREN offering has been built. CREN has developed this product for the research and educational communities in order to support VM based and UNIX# based network access software, and to enable communication between RSCS on IBM platforms and TCP/IP on open systems. One goal of this effort is to provide a low cost internet in a box system supporting both VM and UNIX# and providing support for the broad range of internet resource access tools available for those systems. A second goal is to insure a stable low cost NJE environment for the world-wide Bitnet community.

The P/370 is a co-processor implemented on a card that adds standalone S/370 functions to selected Micro Channel* PS/2* computers running OS/2* and on IBM's RISC System/6000* running AIX*. CREN will package components of IBM's VM operating system and software acquired or developed by CREN for this card and the processor system to which it is attached to create a low cost computer system with sufficient power to support IRA.

The first CREN product release will support all of the functions required to implement a Bitnet core node. Bitnet is a world-wide network connecting more than 1000 research and educational institutions. Princeton University staff have demonstrated that the P/370 running on a suitable PS/2 has the capacity to support all of the NJE traffic flowing through that Core node. This package will be demonstrated at the August meeting of SHARE in Boston. Subsequent releases will support application software running under VM on the P/370 and under AIX* on the RISC System/6000* implementing the rich suite of general internet resource access tools available under VM and UNIX#.

CREN is a non-profit organization based in Washington DC whose mission is to advance the goals of institutions of higher education by facilitating, catalyzing, and leveraging contributions from the world- wide higher education community that help build a global computing and communications infrastructure.

Information about this CREN product including pricing and availability can be obtained by contacting CREN at 1150 18th Street, N.W., Suite 1030 Washington, D.C. 20036 , USA. Telephone 202-293-5909. E-mail:

Kenneth M. King,

Executive Director, CREN


* Indicates a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
# Indicates a trademark of X/OPEN Co., Ltd.