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CREN Member Services

CREN's services and work are unique within the higher education IT community. Even if your campus does not need these services from CREN today, the impact from CREN offering these services now and in the future is making an important difference to your campus in the future. By joining CREN, you are providing support to the higher education and research IT community. Through such projects as the TechTalk series and the development of uses of Digital Certificates, CREN continues to be a positive voice in the higher education community. CREN membership provides you with the following services:
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Digital Certificate Services

Why are digital certificates important? Digital certificates support more secure authentication and authorization and more efficient web services for:

  • Campus-wide applications and services
  • Communications within the campus
  • Communications between campuses and service providers
  • Communications between campus community members and agencies and providers

CREN Digital Certificate Products for 2002-2003

CREN is now offering an expanded set of digital certificate services to meet the different needs of campuses:

  • CREN-signed campus certificates for institutions. These CREN-Signed certificates are for institutions issuing certificates for their campus community - in the range of 10 or more web server certificates and for more than 500-1000 client certificates.
  • CREN web server certificates. These certificates are for campuses to use for securing web servers supporting a whole range of campus web applications.
  • Client certificates. CREN has an internal CREN.NET service equivalent to a campus certificate issuing application. A registration contact at a campus validates /approves individuals and CREN issues the certificates. These certificates can be used to communicate with vendors, agencies, etc.

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CREN TechTalk Series

The TechTalk series include bimonthly audio webcasts produced during the fall and spring featuring interviews with leading experts in higher education IT. These live webcasts enable a person-to-person discussion with the expert and are archived for later listening and downloading. The sixth season of "CREN TechTalks" begins on Thursday, September 12th New MP3 downloading capabilities available to members thanks to support from the Mellon Foundation. For a schedule of upcoming TechTalk topics, visit the TechTalk Calendar.

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Strategic and Practical FAQ Series

To make the latest technology topics easily understandable, CREN provides members with an FAQ series of print guides that produce quick and effective backgrounding information for campus community leaders on complex but strategic new technologies. This year's planned FAQs will focus on topics such as "Directories", "Wireless Technologies", and "Portals".

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ListProc is CREN's premiere UNIX mailing list management software, which has the capacity to handle the large, distributed, and growing e-mail lists regularly found at higher education and research institutions.

As a CREN member, you are entitled to 24/7 tech support and the latest release of ListProc during your membership period. CREN will continue tech support of ListProc v8.2.09 for current members only

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