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Certificate Authority Service

Downloading the CREN Root Certificate into your browser is straightforward. Once you click on a "Download to Browser" link, the browser takes you through eight dialogue boxes to do the installation. Clicking next is the thing to do if you want to proceed.

The Netscape browser will let you easily create a "User Friendly" name for the certificate. (We recommend that you use the name CREN CA).
For Internet Explorer browsers, simply open the file from current location (rather than saving it to disk). This will open up the certificate window, where you will click the "Install Certificate" button on the bottom of the pane and follow the simple instructions.

The following link takes you to the CREN Digital Certificate Repository and specifically to the page showing the CREN Root Certificate. Under the Certificate there is a link that says "Download to Browser." Click on that link, and proceed through the dialogue boxes as described above.

After you complete installing the CREN CA root into your browser you can see it in your list of CA Signers by clicking on the Security Icon on the toolbar. You can then "Verify" or "Delete" this certificate. There is also a button called "Edit" which allows you to check to enable the use of this certificate for three purposes, such as certifying network sites, certifying e-mail users, and certifying software developers. It is the option for certifying network sites that you probably want to check.

Directions to View the
Root Certificate Fingerprint
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