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The CREN CA Key Cutting - November 17, 1999
The key cutting of the CREN root certificate occurred on November 17, 1999, when CREN deployed a top-level Certificate Authority (CA) Service to provide authentication services for CREN's member institutions and other academic and research organizations. The CREN CA service provides access to secure on-line information, enabling individuals at these institutions to share information in a cryptographically secure environment. This first CREN public key was originally issued with a validity period of four years (up through 11/17/03). In consultation with the community, CREN updated the public key in June of 2000 with a longer validity period -- eight years -- making the current CREN certificate valid until November 16, 2007, 7:00 EST. Since key updates keep all original key pairs, every current holder of the CREN CA public key automatically maintains a CREN certificate with this new, longer validity period (11/17/07).

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