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CREN CA Digital Certificate Services

CREN has transitioned its Digital Certificate Services to Internet2.

See the FAQ for more information. If you have questions that the FAQ does not address, you can send email to

Digital certificate Links

Institutional Certificates
Learn more about the CREN Higher Education Certificate Authority, and how campuses are using it.  Learn about PKI and how to get your Campus Certificate Authority certificate signed by the CREN CA. 
Web Server Certificates
CREN now offers Web Server Certificates to secure your web servers!! Click here for more information.
Client Certificates
This new service is coming soon!

CREN Projects
Learn more about the 'WAVE 1' project that CREN is working on and other success stories in the higher education community.
More links coming soon to this new web area on the CREN Certificate Authority website.
PKI-Lite Trust Environment
HEPKI work is a joint project by CREN, EDUCAUSE & INTERNET2.
Is your campus ready to employ the security and authentication advantages of PKI deployment building on the culture of existing campus practices. Visit the "PKI-LITE Environments" page and learn the next steps, policies, and "best practices" you'll need to move forward today with PKI-LITE on your campus, including:    A 'LITE' CP/CPS, Cert. Profiles and Relying Party Statement

Download the CREN ROOT
Download Now or Click here to read more about putting the CREN Root Certificate into your browser.
CREN CA Repository
Search the repository of CREN CA signed campus certificates.
PKI Resources
Choose from a variety of PKI resources from CREN, CREN Members, EDUCAUSE, Internet2, PKI vendors and more.
PKI and CA Basics
Look over CREN's "Guide for Getting Started with Digital Certificates" to learn about the basics of implementing a program.
CREN History
Learn about the history of the CREN CA and the Root Key Cutting Visit the Key Cutting Photo Gallery from November 17, 1999.
CA Event Archives

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