Non-profit, member-based IT support for research & educational institutions

Why are certificates needed?
Why do I want my campus to have a certificate authority and use digital certificates?
Learn about the CREN Higher Education CA, and how campuses are using it. Learn about PKI and how to get your Campus CA certificate signed by the CREN CA.
Learn how to download the CREN Root certificate into your browser. Read about projects that are available for use with a CREN signed certificate.
The CREN CA Application Process:
The ABC's of how to apply to have your own CREN-signed Campus certificate
The application process is fairly straight forward. You will find the two page application form, the step-by-step guide to use the form and the Certificate Practices Statement (CPS) that the CREN CA follows all at your fingertips.
CREN "Learning About PKI Series":
Learning about Digital Certificates and Certificate Authorities
A series of 'Quick Learn' documents on some of the basic concepts about digital certificates. Learn how to download the CREN Root certificate into your browser, learn about hardware security modules, how content providers can recognize digital certificates and more.

Pilot Resource Watch:
Updates on some institutions who are running a CREN signed Campus CA
Keep tabs on the some of the CREN Pilot Programs. How your colleagues using PKI technology. What triumphs they have had. Lessons they have learned.
CREN CA Cost Structure:
Pricing for CREN Membership and CA Use
As a CREN member you will be able to apply for and use the CREN Root CA and ALL of the support files for no additional charge.