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Resources on CREN CA Web Site

  1. PKI-LITE Policies and Certificate Profiles

  2. CREN's Strategic and Practical FAQ Series

  3. Getting Started with Digital Certificates Guide
    Prepared November 2001 for CREN/Mellon Workshop on Exploring Access to External Content Providers: brings key information for a pilot into one place.

  4. Digital Certificates: What Are They, and What Are They Doing in My Browser?
    This is a pre-publication copy of an article published in the August 2002 issue of Syllabus You can also visit the Syllabus site for the above article and other interesting Syllabus articles.
    [Download: Microsoft Word or PDF Format]

  5. Resource Pointers
    Prepared for External Access Seminar participants: a reading list of papers, FAQ's and web sites related to digital certificates and external access on campus.

  6. Preparing for PKI on your campus: Protecting a Private Key in a CA Context
    Framework draft by Jeff Schiller from October 2000

  7. Archives from the CREN Seminars, workshops, .....

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Certificate Authority Community Links

  1. Higher Education PKI (HEPKI) Links
    • Middleware Directories
      General background and overview of technical and policy issues with links to working groups and individuals conferring on intra and inter-institutional Issues and developing common standards for the Higher Education Community.
    • Authorization
      Learn about some of the challenges associated with authorization.
    • Certificates and PKI
      Learn about the challenges of using X.509 certificates to address a number of network computing needs in higher education.

  2. EDUCAUSE PKI Resources
    • Higher Education Bridge Certificate Authority (HEBCA)
      EDUCAUSE is pilot testing a PKI bridge, The Higher Education Bridge, that will allow colleges and universities to recognize and trust each other's signatures in real time. Three Institutions have successfully signed grant applications with NIH using HEBCA.

    • Related Topic: Federal Bridge Certificate Authority (FBCA)
      FBCA is being developed to support PKI operations among Federal agency PKI domains.

    • Higher Education PKI (HEPKI) Activity Groups
      The HEPKI-TAG Activity Group is investigating the technical issues related to the deployment of PKI in Higher Education with links to work in progress, PKI-LITE developments, HPKI-TAG recommendations and reference documents.

    • Click on Policy Activities Group (HEPKI_PAG): Overview of and comparison of various institutional policies regarding certificates.

  3. Higher Education Institutions
  4. Vendors

CREN Pilot Resources (2001)

  1. Princeton Scenario
  2. MIT Scenario
  3. Georgia Tech Scenario
  4. University of Tennessee Scenario
  5. University of Minnesota Scenario
  6. Pilot Resource Scenario Archives

Books and Reading Material

  1. Digital Certificates: Applied Internet Security
    By Jalal Feghhi, Peter Williams, Jalil Feghhi
  2. This Chronicle of Higher Education article also offers a good introduction to digital certificates.


  1. 2002 PRESENTATION / Update on CREN CA