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Chrysalis-ITS – Intranet Offer

Chrysalis-ITS®, (link to web-site) the leading hardware security module (HSM) vendor for protecting PKI root keys, is offering a 30% rebate for CREN members purchasing a Luna® CA3 system.

Luna® CA3 supports all major computing platforms, is integrated with major PKI vendors such as Entrust, iPlanet, RSA, Baltimore, Computer Associates and Certicom, and is the HSM of choice for VeriSign, the leading PKI service provider, and its worldwide affiliates.

Chrysalis-ITS hardware security and key management technology makes Luna CA3the trusted choice for over 80 per cent of Fortune 500 PKI deployments. Our Luna line of Ultimate Trust™ products also offer solutions for smart card issuance, high performance digital signing, and SSL acceleration.

Chrysalis-ITS products deliver unmatched key management, protection and operational security for the most demanding applications:

  • Chrysalis-ITS stores keys exclusively within tamper resistant FIPS validated hardware tokens – sensitive cryptographic keys are never stored on hard disk or other vulnerable media
  • Chrysalis-ITS products use a compact PCMCIA card token that performs cryptographic operations, and enable secure key storage, backup, and deployment scalability
  • Chrysalis-ITS products protect cryptographic keys with multiple layers of security: keys are encrypted with 3DES, stored on a tamper-proof token, and protected with industry-leading access controls and operational Best Practices
  • With 7 years of in-field deployment at thousands of installations, Chrysalis-ITS hardware has never had a security failure or breach of key integrity

The Luna CA3 offer is valid for one full year, from October 1, 2001 to September 30, 2002.

For more information on this special rebate offer, the Luna CA3 and/or Chrysalis-ITS, please contact Luc Gervais, Director-Sales, North America, at 613-723-5077 ext. 3267 or by e-mail at