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Apply Using a Short, 2-Page FormApply Using a Short, 2-Page Form

The application process for a CREN Institutional Certificate has two phases:

  • Application and registration process that validates the Institutional Representatives, and sets up secure communication channels.
  • Request, issuance and acceptance of the Institutional Certificate
Download the CREN CA Application - Version 2.0 (December 13, 1999)
[Download in Microsoft Word or PDF Format]

An institution's Member Rep fills out the application form and then it is signed by the Campus Certificate Authority Executive Officer. You may find it helpful to also download and print the
Step-by-Step Guide - Version 1.0 (February 10, 2000)
[Download in Microsoft Word or PDF Format]

This Step by Step has detailed email templates to guide institutional contacts through the application and signing process.

Begin Communicating SecurelyBegin Communicating Securely

PGP software is used temporarily for the establishment of secure communications between individuals during these application processes. The PGP Personal Public Keys that are distributed and signed during the application process are not to be confused with the Public Keys being generated for inclusion in the CREN Root Certificate or the Institutional Certificates.

PGP may be found at the location below:
[Download a free version of PGP now from:]

For installation tips in NT and more information on PGP download the CREN PGP One-Pager
[Download: Microsoft Word OR PDF Format]

Locate the CREN staffs' public keys:

Complete the ChecklistComplete the Checklist

We recommend that you download the application checklist at the same time. Seems as if it might be a good idea so that all involved have all three documents in parallel.

Complete the Application Checklist - Version 1.0 (January 25, 2000)
[Download: Microsoft Word OR PDF Format]

Documents and Policies for the CREN CADocuments and Policies for the CREN CA

The policies that govern the CREN CA are currently in a hybrid Certificate Policy/Certificate Policy Statement.

Adopting the CPS (Certificate Practices Statement) is Easy!
CREN CPS - Version 3.0 (January 27, 2000)
[Download: Microsoft Word OR PDF Format]

HEPKI CPS - Version -v 4.3 (Dec 19, 2001)
[Download: Microsoft Word OR PDF Format]

The CPS details and controls the certification process from the initial verification of the institutional requestor and the request for certificate process, through the issuing, acceptance, using, suspending, revoking, and renewing of CREN certificates.